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Inici: 01/01/2021
Fi: 31/12/2023
Convocatoria 2020 de Ayudas para la realización de Proyectos de Investigación en Salud de la Acción Estratégica de Salud, en el marco del Plan Estatal de I+D+I 2017-2020
This project aims to measure the effects of intermittent fasting on organ ageing in post-menopausal women and has two main objectives. First, to validate ours and other markers in the context of caloric restriction, and second, use these markers to determine organ ageing in post-menopausal women undergoing intermittent fasting. To reach these goals, we will use a combination of in vivo models, biochemical analyses, proteomic/metabolomic screens and dietary interventions in human volunteers. The final goal is to propose easy and inexpensive protocols to ameliorate ageing in this cohort.