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Inici: 02/09/2019
Fi: 01/03/2020
Ajuts Llavor per a projectes innovadors amb potencial d'incorporació al sector productiu
Nowadays, information related to the shape of the front surface of the cornea of the eye is measured using a corneal topographer(CT). This device projects rings on the subject's cornea. Their reflection is recorded using a digital camera. This picture is processed to calculate the shape of the subject's cornea. MoCoTo will allow the use of a smartphone as a CT. It will be formed by an illumination addon (an illumination device), that projects a square grid onto the cornea of the subject. An app in the smartphone will be used to take a picture of the reflection of the grid on the cornea, and will calculate the shape of this surface. Finally, the parameters that describe the corneal topography will be stored on the subject's file for future reference.