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Inici: 02/09/2019
Fi: 01/05/2021
Justice Action Grants 2018
FAIRCOM aims to design & promote an efficiente & effective model for fair & appropriate compensation to victims of sexual crimes. Activities -Analysis of the impact of sexual crimes on society -Analysis of practical efficiency of the present victims’ compensation systems -Identification of the best practices in this field -Development of guidelines on compensation scheme -Development of training activities for legal practitioners & victims’ support services -Raising awareness activities among actors dealing with the phenomenon Type and number of persons benefiting from project -Legal practitioners (at least 450): By enhancing their knowledge & competences on specific needs of victims of sexual crimes more efficient & tailored application of compensation procedures will be ensured -Professionals of victims’ support services (at least 400): By building their competences and equipping them with tailored tools to attend victims of sexual crimes the quality of assistance to victims will be enhanced