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Inici: 01/02/2006
Fi: 31/07/2008
L'objectiu general del programa és donar suport al desenvolupament de l'ús eficaç de les tecnologies de la informació i la comunicació (TIC) en els sistemes europeus d'educació i de formació.
The eLene-ee project aims to increase knowledge of the incentives to create virtual campuses and to initiate teaching methods in education and training built on virtual mobility and the effects of elearning and if it is efficient. This project is presented under the theme "Virtual Campuses". As stated in the call, the objective of this project is to support deployment strategies at the European level by sharing relevant experience and models for (trans) national virtual campus for the benefit of the Higher Education Institutions. The project also addresses the second objective of mobility since the results are valid for al least the financial and quality issues of European virtual mobility.