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Inici: 01/03/2002
Fi: 31/05/2004
The aim of the project is to study e-Government and e-Business implementation in the European regions for measuring, auditing and benchmarking the use of ICT. Sub-targets are: 1. IS-Observatories best practice: to establish a common regular exchange of statistical data. 2. e-Government: definition of a set of indicators following the current guidelines of e-Europe. 3. e-Business: definition of indicators following studies commissioned by official bodies. 4. Classifications and Nomenclatures: methods to match available statistical registers with International Nomenclatures, for the purpose of defining the ICT sector, new economic activities, products and labour skills. 5. Data collection: the project will perform fieldwork and new methods for data processing. 6. Benchmarking and display: surveys, data mining and benchmarking of public processes, which are becoming digital will be provided. We will research the possibility to provide holistic measurements of IS growth.