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Inici: 01/01/2012
Fi: 31/12/2014
Programa America Latina Formación Académica (ALFA III 2011)
The project Oportunidad calls for the formulation of a Training Course delivered through blended learning (e-learning + in presence sessions) aiming at training the University staff of LA Universities in using and localizing OER as a tool for strengthen a EU-LA Common Higher Education Area. The project methodology will focus on a bottom-up approach which follows the rules of Action-Research. The general purpose of an intervention of Participatory Action Research (PAR) is the promotion of full participation of persons and entities involved and the participated change of the local society. Making project activities and actions researched and participated by all stakeholders (partners, target group, final beneficiaries, external stakeholders, etc.) is a very effective way to respond to the actual local needs. Indeed, the direct participation increases local ownership of the project which contributes to achieve a deeper impact of the action on the society at large.